high school is history

“So much history in my head

the people I’ve left

the ones that I’ve kept”

High school taught me that not everybody will follow you to the ends of the earth

some will be disappointed in everything you grow to be

some will envy it

others will adore it.

The empty spaces that were once filled with body heat and laughs now belong only to memories

memories that you once bathed in will now be shallow waters, to shallow to step into

some will be the ocean

pulling you out to sea, drowning you

its strong hands wrapped around your ankle

only to bring you back to the surface

because killing you all at once would be too easy.


If high school taught me anything

it’s that time will always fly too quickly

even when it feels like 2:30 couldn’t come fast enough.

Time will always be too fast

too soon, over.

It taught me that people will leave

and sometimes its going to hurt

but to always remember that your mom loves you

even when none of your friends do.

It taught me that good grades aren’t the most important things in the world

that skipping first period quickly turns into skipping all seven periods

and not regretting it even with the pile of homework the next day

it taught me to not be so scared of people

because odds are, they are scared of you too.

It taught me that the world does not hold hate, it lacks love

and loving the bitter people in this world is the only way to make anything better

It taught me the grace of God’s love

and that i probably couldn’t have made it through without a prayer or two.

Stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance

say a prayer during the Moment of Silence

write that five-page essay even if you end up repeating the same basic paragraph on every page

no one cares about the F on your math quiz

in five years

you will not be judged by your grades

you will be watched for the history that follows behind you

a soft whisper

or a dark shadow

Nobody will remember you for the bad haircut you got freshman year

they’ll remember you for how you treated the freshman that bumped into you senior year

those are the moments that count

those are the moments you’ll remember.


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