It’s been almost three days

Its been almost three days, and you still haven’t texted me. And I can’t decide if im better off or stupid. When i blocked your number, i knew you could never say anything that would make this better. We just weren’t meant to be, maybe at first but we’ve both changed, our souls to not […]

high school is history

“So much history in my head the people I’ve left the ones that I’ve kept” High school taught me that not everybody will follow you to the ends of the earth some will be disappointed in everything you grow to be some will envy it others will adore it. The empty spaces that were once […]

Living alone 

I like the rain better than the sun. And I think that was part of the problem. I spent most of my life tucked into my depression, curling under it like it was my safety blanket. I told myself it wasn’t depression, that I was just not myself. That it was not my day. I […]

There are days 

There’s been days I’ve given more than I should and days I’ve held onto way too much and forgot that maybe somebody else needed it too. Some days my heart is cold And the warmth from my soul doesn’t quite reach it, And the blood runs through every part of my body and my finger tips […]